Flow meters

Looking for effective flow monitoring solutions?

Hire or buy flow meters that will accurately measure the level of water, whatever application you intend to use them for. Open-channel flow meters or full pipe clamp-on units are extremely effective at providing accurate measurements on a diverse range of installations. The big question you might ask is where do you find quality flow meters at cost-effective prices? One of the UK's leading specialists in water monitoring equipment offers hire or purchase solutions for flow meters and they also conduct many surveys on behalf of their clients. If you want quality flow meters on a temporary or permanent basis, try the specialists that supply a great range of monitoring equipment.

Why open-channel flow meters?

They could help you to establish effective water monitoring policies at weir locations or other open-channel sites. How do you choose the right flow meters for your needs though? Which model would suit your site best? Do you know the difference between Doppler area velocity flow meters or 'bubblers' that are designed for fixed sites? It pays to do a bit of research when you are choosing flow meters and by all means, take expert advice from specialists in the field. They'll advise you about the different varieties of flow meters that are on the market at the moment, whether they are open-channel units or full pipe flow meters that take accurate measurements on large pipes.

How do pipe flow meters work?

That depends on the type you select. They could be clamp-on varieties or pulse Doppler units, both versions are widely used. Opt for clamp-on flow meters and as you might imagine, they clamp right onto a pipe that carries water or other type of liquid. The big advantage of clamp-on flow meters is they use ultrasound technology which means they provide accurate results but do so in a completely unobtrusive way. Pulse doppler pipe flow meters are different. They are inserted directly into the pipe and provide instantaneous velocity measurements when fitted.

Not sure which flow meters to fit? Have a chat with people in the know. Turn to environmental monitoring specialists and they'll help you to find the right flow meters for your project.


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